Wczoraj otrzymałem maila z biura Europejskiej Unii Judo z prośbą o rozreklamowanie na swoich stronach darmowych transmisji wideo z zawodów. Już najbliższe zawody Super Word Cup Moscow będzie można zobaczyć w internecie za darmo.

Zapraszam na stronę http://www.eujudo.com gdzie będzie można począwszy od turnieju w Moskwie oglądać za darmo transmisje.

Poniżej list, który otrzymałem:

Date: Thu, 03 May 2007 09:57:43 +0200
From: European Judo Union Presidential Office <eju_presidential.office__NOSPAM__t-online.hu>
To: <kglaz__NOSPAM__judo.tgory.pl>

Dear Fellow Judoka,

We need your help!! Super World Cup will be for FREE

As you know, the European Judo Union has been working diligently on broadcasting LIVE the major EJU events over our homepage for the price of 2 euro. We have decided to broadcast the SUPER WORLD CUP from Moscow for FREE!!

We would like to ask for your support, in promoting the broadcast of the Super World Cup from Moscow. Please post news about this on your club website as soon as possible moreover that its FREE, including that the SWC may be viewed live for FREE, at www.eujudo.com. Also if you could inform all your Judoka it would be very helpful.

This project has and is currently yielding a significant loss, however we hope to have the sufficient number of visitors to be able to broadcast it for FREE entirely from this moment forward. This is not possible however if we cannot reach the sufficient number of viewers, so PLEASE work diligently to broadcast this information to all your judo Networks, especially in Polonia, so we can achieve this goal for judo, and provide FREE all the judo tournaments.

To give our fellow judoka the pleasure of viewing judo, as well as a preview of the video quality, we will be broadcasting videos from the previous
tournaments that will be viewable for FREE at www.eujudo.com. There will be three broadcasts every day, so go to the homepage for the schedule. Please be sure to add this information on your website AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

With your help and the help of your federation we can make JUDO available FREE OF CHARGE.

We would like to wish you and your federation the best, and to thank you, in advance, for your assistance towards judo.

Kind Regards,

Office of the President
European Judo Union